The state of CSGOEmpire in 2024

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What has CSGOEmpire been up to in 2024?

CSGOEmpire is one of the largest and oldest CSGO/CS2 betting sites which was always known for their unique approach to marketing and product changes over the last few years. They were mostly betting on a great product speaking for itself and growing their playerbase over word of mouth and organic advertising through the generous referral system instead of spending a lot of money on flashy product updates and large influencer partnerships which is the more common approach in this industry.

This trend has changed in 2024 however and in this article we'll be covering CSGOEmpire's latest developments.

Has CSGOEmpire launched a new gamemode in 2024?

For the first time in many years, CSGOEmpire has actually launched their long awaited case opening gamemode in December of 2023 and followed-up with case battles a few month's later which has been a clear community favorite across multiple sites for a long time now.

Ever since the release of cases on CSGOEmpire, they have continued to add more different cases to choose from on a regular basis!

These updates generated a lot of excitement for multiple reasons as they were not only the first new gamemodes that one of the oldest and largest CS betting sites has added in many years but also because of the low house edge that these cases offered compared to the competition (7% house edge on most cases and an even lower house edge on a few cases which is a great deal compared to a lot of competitors in this industry).

Is CSGOEmpire doing sponsorships again?

After years of staying away from traditional sponsorships, CSGOEmpire has also started to talk to a small amount of credible influencers to run creative sponsorships with again. The list of partnerships contains well-known figures from the CS industry like NaToSaphiX, GuardiaN and Fer.

Does CSGOEmpire have any new rewards?

Next to the already existing bonus cases that you receive on CSGOEmpire for each level up, they have also added a new daily coins faucet last year that grants you extra daily free coins based on your recent wagers!

For the highrollers out there, they've also hosted very lucrative roulette races on their core gamemode which paid out hundreds of thousands in coins to the most active players on CSGOEmpire's roulette wheel.

Currently for the month of May, they are hosting a 10.000 coins roulette race daily!

All in all, CSGOEmpire has been shaping their product nicely for many years and contributed to the industry with revolutionary additions such as a P2P system for CS2 item deposits and withdrawals between players, provably fair bets becoming a bare minimum industry standard and the whole space slowly getting rid of bad actors and shady product features. Nowadays, they are sticking to a way louder approach when it comes to marketing and updating their product nicely.

Who is the owner of CSGOEmpire?

The owner of CSGOEmpire is publicly known as "Monarch" and has a drawn quite a lot of attention to himself over the last few years, most notably through his aggressive efforts to call out other betting sites for shady practises such as a non-transparent/non-existant provably fair system or articificial user withdrawal hurdles to name a few examples.

Nowadays, he's also actively streaming on his Kick and Twitch channel where he can be found doing crazy things such as attempting to have the largest CS2 Case Openings ever, giving away tens of thousands of dollars and extensively celebrating the birthday of his close friend this weekend:


During these streams, Monarch is even praising a lot of his competitors that are operating without any shady practises and does not hesitate to play on these websites in front of thousands of viewers. These streams are independent from CSGOEmpire's business itself.