Steam Winter Sale 2021 – What is new?

Another year, another winter sale. With this comes amazing sales, badges, items, and more for us to explore. This post will take up common questions and answers of the event.

Steam Winter Sale 2021 – What is new?

How can I get free items in the Steam Winter Sale?

Just like usually, Valve lets you grab daily trading cards by going through your Discovery Queue, which can be on the Store Page by scrolling down a little.

Steam Discovery Queue

For every game page, there will be an orange button that you can click to get to the next game. Go to the end and you will be prompted with a free trading card – for every day of the sale.

These trading cards can also be received for other tasks and not only by going through the Discovery Queue. Examples can be purchasing something or crafting a badge during the sale.

Furthermore, if you go to the Points Shop, you can earn some free items. This is just like previous events, where Steam has been giving out stickers in their Free Sticker Giveaway. Stickers can be claimed every 48 hours, and you will get a random one from the 7 total.

Free Sticker on Steam during winter sale

If you get a sticker that you like, you can send them in chats however much you want. There’s no limit, and it’s usable in group chats and friend chats.

How long will the Steam Winter Sale 2021 last?

The event started the 22nd of December and will last until January 5th at 10 AM PST. This means that you’ll also have a decent amount of time to stock up your wallet to buy any game you may like, as most games will be on sale until the last day of the Steam Winter Sale.

Are The Steam Awards still relevant?

The Steam Awards have been active for some time now, but now you get rewards for voting on the different games and categories instead of nominating games like you did during the last event.

Steam Awards 2021

For every category you pick a winning game for, you will receive one trading card. Note that you don’t need to own the games to vote for them, but you should still do your own research when it comes to them to make it a fair competition – whether that’s by reading reviews or watching gameplay of them.

This will give you a total of 10 trading cards for only pressing your mouse 10 times. If you’re super lucky, you might be able to craft a badge after doing this, as you only need one of each trading card to craft your badge once.

What badges can I get? How do the badges look like? How much XP do they give?

Now, the event badge that you can craft and get is The Steam Awards 2021 badge. As mentioned, there are numerous ways of earning these cards, and if you don’t want to spend your time on doing so, you can always buy them on The Steam Community Market.

The Steam Awards 2021 badge has the same theme as all other art in this event. There are 31 different badges, but the most relevant ones are the badge levels 1-10. You can see these badges here:

Steam Awards Badges

For every Steam Awards 2021 badge that you craft, you will get100 XP no matter which badge level they are on. The badge requires one of each ten cards in the collection.

This means that you don’t have to worry about the cost efficiency of these badges more than you had to for the first few if you want to get a higher level this event.