New Best Way to Find Trades for your CSGO Skins in 2023

Are you a dedicated CS:GO trader with a collection of impressive skins that you’re looking to trade? We understand that finding the right traders may be difficult in these times where p2p trading is starting to fade out and become outdated due to the 7 day trade cooldown.

How is CSGO Trading in 2023?

Traditionally, traders used outdated sites with out-of-date prices and a lack of features that the newer traders require. Along with this, Steam groups and Steam forums were also used to try and find traders, users would advertise what they have and hoped to receive offers. Keep in mind these traders had to type everything out by hand and it wasn't a very efficient way of advertising what you had and wanted. Steam groups and such provided limited exposure and outdated sites just quite simply lacked the features that were required to comfortably trade.

How does help CS traders?

CSBumps has introduced a revolutionary trading experience for 2023 traders. They are kept up with the current trading scene and understand the needs of CSGO traders in this day and age with features not seen anywhere else. It is a place where users can comfortably advertise their trades along with show and describe exactly what they want to an active trading community.

How to Get Started on

1. Sign up and add your steam trade link in the settings

2. To make your own trade click on “Trades” then “New Trades” and choose the items you want to trade and what you want for them.

3. Lastly, enjoy browsing many trades on the front page and receiving many trade offers. Happy trading!