How to level up your Steam profile in 2021?

This guide will explain why you want to level up on Steam, how you

Steam Level up 2021

What is leveling up on Steam?

You start off at level 0. You can gain levels by accumulating enough xp to reach the next level through a process of crafting badges for games, which grants you 100 xp. Crafting a badge also drops a random emoji and background from the game as well as a random Steam coupon or during some Steam Store sales, a random sale trading card. The higher your level, the more xp is required to move on to the next level. Your Steam level badge image also changes every 10 levels, the higher the better.

Why do I want to level up on Steam?

Leveling up on Steam unlocks an additional showcase every 10 levels, giving you additional options to customize your Community Profile. In addition, there is a limit to the amount of Steam friends you can have. By leveling up, your cap increases by 5 additional friends every level. Steam level is also often associated with trustworthiness and prestige on Steam. Most people in co-op games do not play with low level users as they are often hackers, trolls, scammers, or griefers. Having a high level on Steam shows your dedication and achievement, usually making users trust you more. In addition to showing up in games, your Steam level is visible on your mini-profile, which can be found all over the Steam Community, Steam Store, and Steam Forums. It also helps users identify scammers in Steam Trading and impersonator Steam Profiles.

How do I level up on Steam?

To level up, you must first obtain trading cards. These cards drop while playing any paid, participating game you own until they drop or buying in-app purchases in approved free-to-play games. Usually, games only drop half of the cards required to complete a full set, so the rest must be obtained through trading with other Steam users and by purchasing them from the Steam Community Market using your Steam Store wallet funds. Once you have a full set of cards in your inventory, you can craft them from your badges page into a badge. This newly crafted badge grants you 100 xp toward your total xp. In addition, you can obtain another set of cards to upgrade your badge to the next level, granting an additional 100 xp per badge, upgradable a total of 4 times for a total of 500 xp for a level 5 badge. In addition, many games also offer an additional foil badge, a better-looking and much rarer badge that once crafted also grants 100 xp. However, this type of badge cannot be upgraded and is purely cosmetic in nature. If you have met or exceeded the xp requirement to move up to the next level, you will level up and receive the associated perks automatically.

How do I obtain Trading Cards?

In addition to the methods listed above, trading cards can also be obtained through 2 other methods detailed below.

Level Up Bots

Level up bots are Steam bots that let you trade in-game items for certain games and Steam Gems for full, complete sets you can use to level up. This allows you to offload unused TF2 or CSGO keys and increase your level instantly. These bots can be found on the web by simply searching “steam level up bot”.

Level Up Sites

These are websites that allow you to buy full trading card sets using a variety of payment methods, such as in-game items, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, and more. While they are often more expensive than level up bots, they usually have a much better user interface and are much more friendly for new users.

We hope this post helps clear up the confusion surrounding Steam levels and that next time you see a fellow Steam user with a shiny number badge, you’ll know how they got it. If you want to Level Up for free, make sure you take a look at vLoot, where giveaways for Steam Gift Cards, games, and CSGO skins are started daily!