Esports Betting 2021 - Learn the Basics

Esports betting can be a very interesting topic to get into in order to have fun and potentially even make some profit - this guide teaches you the basics of esport betting.

Esports Betting 2021 - Learn the Basics

The hype surrounding the virtual world does not stop at sports betting. Since eSports betting has long been particularly popular and has established a solid relationship with many betting fans. In this article you will find out what eSports bets are and what you should pay attention to. In addition, you will find the best betting providers, so that you can conquer virtual sport in no time.

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What Are Esports Bets?

The digital age ensures continuous innovations - also in the area of ​​sports betting. Because the action has long since taken place not only in the big squares of this world, but also in the virtual world. At eSports events, real professional teams compete against each other and stand up against each other on virtual playing fields. The exciting tournaments are also worthwhile for betting fans, as we show you here.

Esports events are now a real crowd puller. Because the big eSports tournaments have long been held on big stages with thousands of spectators. Worldwide there were an impressive 443 million eSports viewers in 2019. The importance of eSports tournaments can now be seen from the prize money that can be won there. The prize pool for “The International” - the most important DOTA 2 tournament - in 2019 was an impressive 34.33 million US dollars.

In esports you can combine the passion for your favorite game with attractive prizes. As with regular sports, there are now numerous sports betting providers with eSports bets. These offer you countless opportunities to bet on Dota2, FIFA, Counter-Strike and many other eSports sports.

How Do Esports Bets Work?

More and more betting fans are interested in eSports betting today because they offer some exciting advantages. Anyone who has not yet placed a bet on virtual sports is asking themselves: How do eSports bets actually work? This is a question you shouldn't be too worried about. Because eSports betting is child's play. So you first have to choose between Fifa, Counter-Strike & Co. Because not all eSports are the same.

Once you've made up your mind, you have to choose a game. Numerous types of bets are available here, which differ depending on the eSports sport . The types of bets at Fifa are similar to bets on regular football games, while in Counter-Strike and League of Legends you can also bet on individual maps. Once you have made a choice, all you have to do is set the bet. This determines with the odds, the amount of your sports betting profit. Once you've made up your mind, place the bet and you can sit back and relax.

Betting Providers in Esports

Betting on eSports events is particularly popular today. Because betting fans can expect some exciting advantages here, thanks to which eSports bets are particularly attractive. In the following we will show you all the advantages of eSports betting at a glance.

Knowledge: The principle also applies to eSport betting: only bet if you know what you are betting on. If you have played a game yourself, you will know how the game mechanics work and you will be able to better assess situations. If you want to turn this knowledge into money, matchbetting on video games can often be an interesting choice.

Passion: With eSports betting you can combine your passion for betting and your favorite video game. Because here you follow the game of your choice and can also win some extra money.

Betting odds:  In contrast to conventional sports betting, you can expect particularly attractive winnings with eSports betting. Because the betting providers have significantly fewer statistics here, so you are more likely to end up with pretty favorable odds for some of your bets.

Live Betting: Of course, you can also bet on eSports matches that are already running, in which case we speak of live betting. The main difference here is that the odds are constantly changing as they are adapted to the course of the game. If you are familiar with a game and, in addition to the processes, can also assess the strengths and weaknesses of the players, you can benefit from attractive odds.

eSports Bonus: With some bookmakers you can secure a special eSports sports betting bonus. This gives you, for example, additional bonus credit, free bets & more.

Live streams: With the best betting providers for eSports betting, you can often follow your desired games in the live stream. These are completely free, so you can join in the excitement here without any restrictions.

Esports Betting Bonus

When looking for a bookmaker with eSports betting, you should take some time and do your own research because with some sports betting providers you can secure additional advantages in the form of an eSports betting bonus. This gives us additional betting credit or provides us with free bets on a regular basis.

Many sites also offer daily rewards for loyal customers and very tempting VIP rewards for high stakes gamblers so doing your own research before you choose a betting site to place your wagers on only comes with benefits!

Transparency and fairness

The bonus offers should of course actually serve as a bonus for you as a customer. This is ensured primarily through fair bonus conditions, which should not be a problem for any customer. In the case of a bonus requiring a very high wager of the bonus and/or the qualifying deposit, you might be better of gambling without it.

Last but not least, this wager requirement often must be fulfilled within a certain period of time. This is called the bonus period. All of these factors should be involved when selecting one of the various Esports Betting sites.

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Whether it is done through their continious efforts to keep the industry fair or though their awesome product and customer support services itself, you will have a good time here.

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If you have read our guide carefully up to this point, you now know exactly what to look out for when choosing a bookmaker for your eSport bets in the future. With the help of our tips, you will be able to choose exactly the provider that caters to your personal needs. Take some time to choose the right provider. If you bet on the wrong provider here, you will quickly lose interest in betting. Use our guidelines as a guide, think carefully about which aspects your future bookmaker has to offer and use these guidelines to choose your sports betting partner.