Do not miss out on this CS2 Case Opening site


Hello everyone!

Today, I'd like to introduce you to GGDrop - one of the largest CSGO/CS2 Case opening sites out there!

They have been around for many years and share promotions on their social media channels quite frequently.

Next to their dozens of creatively designed cases, they also have a free to spin wheel of fortune that grants you various bonuses every few hours so make sure to revisit the site to get a lot of spins in for free.

The wheel of fortune wouldn't be their only way to get free CS items of course - aside from that they also offer you other bonuses and daily rewards that you can all explore via the header of the website.

Once you are ready to play, you can make a deposit using your CS items, crypto currencies, credit cards or various other payment options - if you ever run into an issue on their site, you can always contact their support team for further assistance.

If you do not enjoy opening cases by yourself, you can also check out their case battles game mode which allows you to open cases against another player in an exciting "winner keeps it all" battle!

After you managed to obtain some items from these cases, you can either choose challenge your luck and upgrade them into better items or simply cash them out directly to your Steam inventory.

Use our code below for an extra deposit bonus and make sure to always play responsibly and never deposit any money that you are not willing to lose: