A streamer you need to know when looking for awesome rewards and giveaways daily!

PikaGambles leaderboard 2024

Hey everyone, today we're happy to talk about one of the most rewarding betting site streamers in the industry - PikaGambles.

Who is PikaGambles?

Next to his awesome rewards site pikas.gg that contains a lot of welcome bonuses and weekly leaderboards, you can also keep an eye on his Twitter account where he often hosts giveaways for a lot of bigger prizes.

PikaGambles can be found streaming daily on his Kick channel and even if you do not manage to catch him live in your timezone, you can still enjoy the most memorable highlights on his YouTube channel:

If you have some spare time however, be sure to show up in his Kick streams as well and be active in them as he does giveaways for his active viewers every few minutes!

Entering these giveaways is quite easy, usually you only need to follow his channel, be active in the chat in general and enter a giveaway keyword for a chance to win whenever a giveaway gets created.

The prizes range from crypto currencies and Rust or CS2 items to funds on the websites that he usually plays on.

What can I win inside his leaderboard?

PikaGambles hosts weekly leaderboards on his website that aim to return insane rewards to the most active people that wager under his referral code:

Joining a creator leaderboard is the best way to maximize your rewards when actively wagering on one of his partnered betting sites!

Aside from that he also makes other spontanous gifts to people that actively interact with others in his community or wager under his code so whether you're a viewer or an active player, PikaGambles makes sure to thank you for your support accordingly!

If you are not following him on Kick already, make sure to change that within the next few seconds via the link below:


What else can I do to win some free CS2 skins?

If you are reading this in February 2024, we are also giving away an Ursus Knife Tiger Tooth FN together with PikaGambles on vLoot.io - enter our partnered giveaway via the following link: https://www.vloot.io/giveaways